Welcome to Mommy of Four

Welcome to my Mommy of Four website. I am excited to be launching a website where I can post fun projects and experiences as a mother of four. I have workaholic capabilities lol so my husband keeps telling me that I need to find a hobby. What kind of hobby could a mother of four possibly find that is not time consuming, doesn’t require a contract, that is not expensive, and that does not take away time from the kids?

I eat (when I can), drink (juice), and sleep kids kids kids. But one thing I do find relaxation and comfort in is planning creative events and projects that my kids and others seem to enjoy. So TA-DA!!! I have found my hobby. In the mommy community, it’s great to share fun ideas with others. So from my household to yours this website is my way of sharing my goodies. Welcome Welcome and Welcome!

First post coming soon. My 1st Born is turning 8 tomorrow. This years theme is a Ninja Party. I’ll let you know how it goes and post photos next week. Have a great weekend!